What Kind Of Fabric Is Used For General Luggage?

- Feb 05, 2021-

1. Natural leather materials

The raw material of natural leather material is all kinds of animal skins. Natural leather is elegant and generous in appearance, soft and plump in handle, and has good durability, which is welcomed by users. However, due to its high price, the use of leather bags is limited to a certain extent. There are many kinds of natural leather materials used in luggage products, and their properties vary greatly with different types.

2. Artificial leather and synthetic leather

The appearance of artificial leather is similar to that of natural leather, and its price is low. It has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production and people's life. The early production of artificial leather is made of PVC coated on the surface of the fabric, the appearance and practical performance are poor, and polyurethane synthetic leather varieties, so that the quality of artificial leather has been significantly improved.

In particular, the synthetic leather with nonwovens as the base and polyurethane porous materials as the surface imitates the structure and composition of natural leather has good practical properties.

Therefore, according to the classification of raw materials, artificial leather can be divided into two categories, namely PVC artificial leather and polyurethane synthetic leather. Among them, in the artificial leather series, there are artificial leather, artificial lacquer leather, artificial suede leather, PVC plastic film and other materials. Among the series of synthetic leather materials, the synthetic leather which is coated with polyurethane foam layer and looks very similar to natural leather is most widely used.

3. Artificial fur

With the development of textile technology, artificial fur has a great development. Artificial fur has the appearance of natural fur, and is cheap and easy to keep. Its performance is close to that of natural fur. In the design of bags, it can not only be used as trimming materials, but also be used to make bags full of children's interest. Its appearance and performance mainly depend on its production method. Its varieties include knitted artificial fur, woven artificial fur, and artificial rolled fur.

4. Fiber cloth (fabric)

Fabric can be used for both fabric and lining in bags. There are two kinds of fabrics used in fabrics: PVC coating and ordinary fabrics. Among them, PVC coating refers to the textile fabric with transparent or opaque PVC film pasted on the front or back, such as Scottish plaid cloth, printed cloth, man-made fiber cloth, etc.

This material has a variety of colors and patterns, but also has a high waterproof and wear resistance, can be used to make travel bags, sports bags, student bags and so on. In the ordinary fabric, canvas, flannel, twill, SCOTTISH PLAID can be used to make bag products.

5. Plastics

Plastic is a kind of material commonly used in luggage, which is mostly used for hot pressing box parts and is the main material of suitcase. Not only the color is rich and colorful, but also the performance is very good.

6. Lining

Bag lining is mainly used to assist the modeling of products and protect the fabric of products. The main varieties are artificial leather and textile. In the artificial leather products, the main application of those soft varieties.