The Importance Of Trolley Luggage Fabrics To The Overall Luggage

- Oct 03, 2020-

The most direct and simple way to distinguish the quality of fabrics. Good fabrics feel very delicate. Visual inspection is mainly to see if the fabric is flat, the surface is uniform and soft, and the workmanship is meticulous. The feel is to identify the softness of the fabric surface through the actions of mold, pinch, and grasp. , Fullness, elasticity, etc., it feels very warm and comfortable without rubbing your hands, and will have a natural hanging feeling when hanging.

     1. The choice of a manufacturer is one of the three details that should be paid attention to when customizing gift bags. It is recommended to collect relevant information about the manufacturer of the custom gift bags before choosing the manufacturer’s custom gift bags. The more detailed the better, and the more detailed the information of all manufacturers. Compared. After repeated comparisons, choose the best quality luggage manufacturer to customize the luggage.

    2. The importance of luggage fabrics to the overall luggage. The appearance of luggage fabrics has a very obvious impact on the overall effect of luggage. The perception produced by it is the visual style of luggage fabrics, so it is necessary to master some knowledge of luggage fabric identification. .

    3. Nowadays, there are many materials that can be made into bags, such as nylon, canvas, Oxford cloth, polyester, etc. The common materials are nylon, canvas, Oxford cloth, polyester, etc. As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics are more and more popular. Non-woven bags are not only lightweight, moisture-proof, breathable, non-toxic and harmless, but also tough and durable, and low in price.