Teach Children How To Use Backpacks Safely

- Dec 31, 2019-

1. Wholesale travel bag manufacturers introduce choosing a comfortable and safe bag. In addition to reducing overall load, you can also ensure that your child's backpack can appropriately reduce the possibility of pain or injury. The weight of the bag should be mainly distributed on the shoulders and upper back and chest, supporting these are strong muscles. The shoulder strap should not be cut, the shoulders should be warm, and the bag should be concentrated on the middle back, while the sagging of the bag should not exceed the bottom of the waist of four inches.

2. Children should use a dressing room and table as their main storage space, not their backpack. Procrastination can also cause an overload problem, causing a child to take all her books home. Make sure that homework is completed as quickly as possible in school, so fewer homes are taken.


3. Make sure to educate your child to avoid carrying a bag on one shoulder. Some children may want a backpack, which places the main force on the shoulder. When the child is hiking, the shoulder will carry the weight of the backpack, which can cause shoulder and neck pain. The shoulder strap must effectively balance the load, even if the shoulder bag may be damaged. Think more handsome behavior.

4. Travel bag manufacturers wholesale introduction Most backpack safety precautions include strain and damage caused by heavy loads. However, when the injury is involved, it should be sent to the emergency room for treatment, and it must not be delayed. At the same time, let the child pay attention to walking, do not jump around, otherwise it will fall and affect the weight of the backpack.