Secretly Tell You A Few Secrets Of Trolley Luggage Maintenance

- Dec 26, 2020-

However, many consumers do not know to maintain the trolley cases in daily use, so the life span of these bags is shortened. At this time, many people will blame the poor quality of those trolley cases, but in many cases it is not the quality of the luggage, but the improper use of it.

 Many trolley cases nowadays are not caused by various damage problems because of their poor quality, but to a large extent because we do not know how to maintain them. Let's learn how to maintain our trolley cases, and then make the service life of our trolley cases longer.

 First of all, when using the trolley box, we must be careful not to place them in a high temperature, strong acid or alkali environment, otherwise the trolley box will quickly deform. The second is not to put the luggage near sharp objects to avoid being scratched. When we are cleaning, do not use hot water to clean it, and do not just iron it, so as not to damage the epidermis.

When we don’t use the trolley case, we must pay attention to moisture prevention and do not put it in a damp place, because this is likely to make the trolley case lose its original flexibility. The trolley cases we use more often should also be cleaned with a rag to clean the metal parts so that they will not fade quickly.

 When we use it, don't pull the trolley case to a very rugged place and push it away, because this may damage the wheels of the trolley case. The maintenance of the trolley bag is largely determined by your care for it, so you must maintain it from the details.

   Knowing the secrets of the above trolley luggage maintenance, your love box can not only extend the life of your love box, but also can continue to attract envy! Friends, act quickly, let your love box shine.