Professional Men's Business Bags Are Indispensable, But Do You Know How To Maintain Them?

- Feb 05, 2021-

If you use it for a long time, or if you are not careful at a banquet, your bag may be polluted. If you continue to use it, it will give people a feeling of slovenness, give people a bad impression on you, and seriously affect your business performance. 

Therefore, a properly maintained business bag is very important for a professional man in the workplace. Here are some suggestions Let's talk about how to keep your bag clean all the time.

3Skill 1: the premise of maintenance is that you should take good care of it. Although you can't avoid the wind, sun, rain and snow when you use it, you must pay attention not to bump into hard objects and sharp objects. If you scratch it, it's difficult to repair it. For some expensive brands, the repair cost is very high, so you must avoid it.

3Skill 2: if you accidentally soiled your bag, you must deal with it in time, because the common stains are easy to clean and handle at the beginning. It's better to choose the material similar to eyeglass cloth for the items you use. Because the fabric is soft, it won't cause too much friction to the leather. If you turn a blind eye and don't deal with it in time, it will be more difficult to make dirt accumulation, and timely cleaning will also leave some marks.

3Skill 3: if you are using a deerskin or genuine leather business bag, you must always carry an eraser on your back. When you accidentally get dirty or slightly scratch, wiping with an eraser will effectively cover up and deal with the marks. Of course, when using, we must choose the appropriate strength according to the size and depth of the trace. It is generally recommended to gently wipe, not to use too much force, which will tear the surface of the bag.

3Skill 4: if your bag is made of nylon or cloth, once it is soiled, you must remember not to continue to use it. You need to take time to clean it. If it is a small local soiling, you can use a soft cloth dipped with a little alcohol to clean it. If the effect is not good or there is no ready alcohol at home, you can also choose to squeeze some toothpaste to wipe it, because Toothpaste has a good whitening and decontamination effect, which can deal with this problem well. However, my suggestion is that if you really like this bag and intend to use it for a long time, the dirt is difficult to handle or the area is large, it is safer to send it to a professional place for cleaning.