PC Luggage Features

- Dec 05, 2019-

The ABS trolley case is heavy. After being impacted, the surface of the box will crease or even burst. Although cheap, it is not recommended!

ABS + PC: It is a mixture of ABS and PC. It is not as good as PC, it is not as light as PC, and its appearance must not be as beautiful as PC!

PC was selected as the main material of the aircraft cabin cover! PC is easy to pull out of the box; after receiving the impact, the depression can rebound to restore the prototype, even if the shipment is not afraid of the box being crushed.

1.Lightweight PC trolley case

Trolley case of the same size, PC trolley case is much lighter than ABS trolley case, ABS + PC trolley case!

2.PC trolley case with high strength and elasticity

The impact resistance of PC is 40% higher than that of ABS. After the ABS trolley case is impacted, the box surface will crease or even burst directly. After the PC box receives the impact, the depression can gradually rebound to recover the prototype. Because of this, PC material has also been selected as the main material of the aircraft cabin cover. Its light weight solves the problem of load bearing and toughness improves the aircraft's impact resistance.

3.PC trolley case adapts to temperature

PC can withstand temperature: -40 degrees to 130 degrees; has high heat resistance, brittleness temperature of -100 ° C.

4.PC trolley case is highly transparent

PC transparency is 90% and can be dyed freely, which is why the PC trolley case is stylish and beautiful.