Luggage Weight

- Oct 05, 2019-

The weight of each checked baggage cannot exceed 50 kg, and the volume cannot exceed 40 * 60 * 100 cm. Baggage exceeding the above requirements must be approved by the airline in advance. The weight of self-carried luggage cannot exceed 10 kg, and the volume of each piece does not exceed 20 * 40 * 55 cm. The weight of carry-on items is limited to 5 kg per passenger. Passengers holding first class tickets can carry two items with them. The volume of each carry-on item must not exceed 20 * 40 * 55 cm. Carry-on items exceeding the above weight, number of pieces, or volume restrictions shall be checked as checked baggage. Different airlines have different regulations on baggage weight for international flights.

Free baggage allowance for each passenger (including checked and self-contained baggage): Domestic class passengers with adult or child tickets are 40 kg for first class passengers, 30 kg for business class passengers and 20 kg for economy class passengers. Passengers with infant tickets have no free baggage allowance. Different airlines have different rules for free baggage allowances for international flights. The free baggage allowance for each passenger on domestic flights that constitute international transportation is calculated based on the applicable free baggage allowance for international routes.

Passengers shall pay the excess baggage fee for excess baggage. The excess baggage rate for domestic flights is calculated at 1.5% of the economy class fare per kilogram, and the amount is in yuan. Different airlines have different rates and calculation methods for excess baggage on international flights, and passengers must handle it in accordance with the regulations of each airline.