How To Use Climbing Bag

- Jun 24, 2020-

When using, tighten the belt so that the crotch is under the most gravity. The shoulder belt should be relaxed so that the top of the shoulder belt is 45-60 degrees. Buckle and tighten the chest belt to make the backpacker feel no fall.

When walking, pull the adjusting belt between shoulder belt and backpack with both hands. The body leans forward slightly, so the gravity when walking is actually in the waist and crotch, and there is no pressure on the back. In case of emergency, the upper limbs can be flexible.

The terrain is different, and there are also differences in the external parts. For example, when drilling in the jungle, do not develop to a higher place. There's also a knack for putting weight on your shoulders. Put the backpack at a certain height and put the shoulders into the shoulder belt. Lean forward and stand up on your legs, which is a convenient way.

There is no high place to put. Lift the backpack with both hands. On one knee. Then control the bag with one hand and grasp the shoulder belt with the other hand to rotate quickly so that one arm can enter the shoulder belt, so that the other arm can enter more easily.

In sharp and steep sections, ropes must be provided for protection. When passing without protection, the shoulder belt shall be loosened and the belt and chest belt shall be opened so that the bag can be separated as soon as possible in case of danger.