How To Choose A Trunk

- Jun 24, 2020-

1: Look at the materials. Older people like cloth boxes, because cloth boxes can stretch and expand, with high-rise, and the fabric of cloth boxes is cloth, relatively soft, and the box is not easy to break.

2: Look at the color, everyone has their own super like color, such as rose gold, black, silver are more popular like the color.

3: Depending on the size, choose the appropriate size according to the actual needs of the individual. The size includes 16 × 10, 18 × 10, 20 × 10, 22 × 10, 24 × 10, 26 × 10, 28 × 10, 30 × 10, 32 × 10. Generally, 20 × 10 and below are required for boarding. Other sizes need to be checked, but nine yuan airlines can't carry any size boxes. At present, most people in the market choose 20, 22 and 24 boxes.

4: It is to choose wheels. At present, most of them choose four-wheel Cardan wheel boxes, and the wheels can be disassembled even better if they are single wheel.

5: Look at the password lock. There are one lock, two locks, three locks. There are also general locks and customs locks. Generally, when going abroad, we have to choose the customs lock.

6: If you want to sit on a stool at a convenient time, you need to choose a box with an aluminum frame, because a box with a zipper usually can't sit.

7: Select the thickness of the aluminum frame. If you choose the aluminum box, you need to see the thickness of the aluminum box and the metal thickness of the folding part at the back. The metal thickness of the box with better quality should be thick.

8: Select the pull rod, pull out the pull rod and tap it. The wall thickness of the pull rod with better quality is not empty sound. If you hear empty sound, it means the wall is thin.