How Does A Mountaineering Bag Fit Well?

- Jan 03, 2020-

The backpack is well-packed and clever, which not only can load all the items and remove them easily when you use it, but also reduce the pressure on your body.

First use and later release refers to placing frequently used items or items that are used in advance on the top of the backpack for easy use.

Urgent use means that although this item is not very commonly used, it will be used very urgently when needed and placed in a special area.

Inside weight means that heavier items can be placed closer to the body inside the backpack, which makes it easier to adjust the body's center of gravity.


Finally, we need to remind you to keep the exterior of the mountaineering bag as clean as possible. Excessive external parts may be lost and may scratch others.

If we want to hang trekking poles outside the backpack, we need to carry the trekking pole with our hands to prevent others from hurting people.