Advantages And Disadvantages Of Soft And Hard Suitcases

- Nov 28, 2020-

In daily life, soft suitcases are common and common. They are made of cloth or leather.

It has the advantages of light weight, convenient carrying, large elastic space, and can be packed with many objects. It is easy to squeeze into the luggage rack. Moreover, the soft travel case has relatively strong shock resistance.

The disadvantage is that the zipper design is mostly used on the side, and there may be the risk of box explosion if there are too many objects jammed. Compared with the hard case, the soft trunk is easier to be squeezed, and the goods may be damaged by extrusion. 

However, there are so many kinds of soft suitcases that you can choose a combination of hand-held luggage with backpacks or bags with wheels and straps.

The material of hard trolley case is generally aluminum alloy or plastic, which has the advantages of impact resistance and impact resistance. It can well protect the fragile products in the box. It has excellent extensibility, dimensional stability, chemical corrosion resistance and strong water resistance.

In bad weather conditions, you don't have to worry about rain water flowing into the box. If you want to carry things without being squeezed, hard suitcases are the only choice. The disadvantage is that compared with the soft suitcase, it is heavy, inconvenient to carry, and the elastic space is fixed.